Thursday, September 1, 2016

Septembers Preparation

September Currier’s Corner

September - that time when school starts back up, we once again settle into routines and schedules, and nature prepares for fall by giving us one last burst of harvest time and color.  It’s also a time for reflection on what we’ve accomplished so far, and how we want to change course for the last few months of the year before winters settles in.
Fall reminds us to take stock, to make sure all our preparations are made for the shifting seasons.  This a time to express gratitude for the bounty that we have been given.  There are many celebrations around the time of harvest that are a reminder to us to be grateful for all that we have been given.  The importance of gratitude in our life is sometimes overlooked as we move along our spiritual path.  But it is gratitude, both the recognizing it and the expressing of it, that brings happiness and joy into our lives.  Gratitude acknowledges that we have received gifts of many different varieties from many sources.  It says to the universe, “I see your great deeds” and through this recognition we are in a position to recognize the blessings that we do have.  Gratitude then shifts to appreciation whereby we begin to acknowledge and grow from even the challenging aspects of our life.  By focusing on what we have and what we have shifted, we are able to manifest and bring more joy into our life.  There is a saying, “Energy flows where attention goes…” and that is what occurs when we take time to slow down and express gratitude and appreciation for what we have and what we have experienced. 

Sometimes finding gratitude can be difficult as we tend to look at big material things as source for our gratitude.  Simply being grateful for and appreciating waking up each day can bring about improved health.  Being grateful for one thing in a meal can manifest more food and nourishment.  Gratitude is a way to de-energize the “lack of” thoughts and generate abundance in all areas of your life.  So as we move into this phase of our seasonal cycle, take a moment and just express gratitude for the fact that you were able to read this article.  Then go thank a teacher. :)

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Life Is A Spiral

In the last several months, two reoccurring themes have been coming forward through conversations  and social media – the first is the concept of living a heart centered life in which everything flows easily, and the other is that life seems crazy, chaotic, and moving at an accelerated pace.  Sounds like two opposite ends of a spectrum, or a duality, doesn’t it?  Well, here we would like to offer a visual analogy that brings order and harmony into these two ideas. 

All of life is a spiral, a sacred spiral.  It begins at our own personal heart center, the place where our soul-self is protected and nurtured and flows forth in the never-ending story of our personal journey.  Our heart center or heart chakra truly is in balance when we can honestly, completely, and unselfishly love our soul self.  And oh, my, is that challenging for most of us!  Liking, let alone loving, the person you are in your personality, ego based self is almost impossible because you look outwards for validation.  But I encourage you to simply spend some time resting in your true heart, mediating, listening to, and loving the soul that you are.  Your soul self doesn’t need outside validation or labels.  You are not someone else’s ideal.  Remember, even the labels we associate as “good” define and limit you.  When you live in a heart centered place, one in which your true self manifests your reality, you begin to live authentically which translates into a life of joy, creativity, non-judgment, and compassion. 

Now think about the expressions we use – “My life is spiraling out of control”, or “I feel like I’m spinning around and around but not getting anywhere.”  These expressions illustrate how important it is to allow your life to flow while understanding the concept of a heart-centered, spiraling life.  Think about it this way -- A spiral can be seen when in contrast, visible as a curve of light around darkness, such as a black line against a white background.  The lessons we choose to learn circle around us, giving us an opportunity to grow and expand.   When the spiral is traced clockwise, from the inside out, it allows us to share and give of ourselves to others, to shine our light and live from a place of love and light.  It also allows us to look at aspects of our divine nature and to enfold all other aspects within that divinity.  When we spiral and trace the circles in a counter-clockwise manner, we gain an opportunity to revisit our thoughts, feelings, emotions, and actions.  This is how we learn and grow; how we release dis-ease, doubt, karmic debt, and disharmony. 

Creation itself reflects a spiral.  Think of sacred geometry including the Fibonacci sequence that creates a spiral.  Stars burst forth from cosmic spirals!  Nature abounds with spirals – Nautilus and other sea shells, vine tendrils, flower centers, pine cones, snail shells, the way millipedes curl up, goat’s horns, and on and on.  It is an ancient and recurring pattern.  And, although not visible, it energetically occurs within each of us beginning at our heart.  So now, take some time and begin to connect with your internal sacred spiral.  Are you able to sense the center of this spiral at your heart?  Is your energy moving clockwise or counter-clockwise?  Are you in the flow of living a compassionate, trusting, non-judgmental life?  

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

F.E.A.R. = False Evidence Appearing Real

As much as I try to not get embroiled in all that is happening in the world, in our politics, and all else, I can’t help but be aware of what seems to be driving this – FEAR.  Yes, that old familiar archetype that has misled much of humanity.  Some of you have heard me say that the source of all dis-ease lies in three areas or any combination of these three: Disharmony, Fear and Trauma.  So let’s look at Fear.  F.E.A.R. = False Evidence Appearing Real.  It’s our suffering consciousness, our ego, which show us what it needs to feel wanted and feel important.  When we shine a light on our FEAR, we find that it really wasn’t anything like we thought it was.  Our suffering consciousness or ego creates scenarios to make itself feel important and needed and that is the basis of FEAR.  They key to FEAR is not to ignore it but simply acknowledge it, understand what is creating this emotion and react to the underlying cause rather than the symptom called FEAR.  Yes that is a mouthful, so let’s look at the steps: 1) Acknowledge the response called FEAR, 2) Ask, why is this response present?  This is the tricky part.  Recall FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real so to understand why it is present you first must assess is there real danger present?  Not perceived danger but real danger.  If danger is present then react to the danger and not the FEAR.  In the absence of danger, FEAR is what the ego or suffering Consciousness feels it needs and it is trying to cause you to react. 3) React to what the soul and heart feel not what the suffering consciousness needs in that moment.  When we react from our heart, FEAR is dissolved, shown for the false aspect that it is, and we are freed from its effects.  When we free ourselves from the grasp of FEAR, our inner light shines and our guidance systems align with the will and the light of the universe.  This is where we will find our true north, our bearing, what makes us feel whole.  So welcome FEAR for the lessons it can teach that lie behind what the suffering consciousness feels it needs and shine that light of the heart on whatever is causing that need.  Remember at the end of the day it’s all just energy.  So let’s respond to the energy and not the emotion or judgements that come at us.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Oil of the Week!!!
Eucalyptus "Blue Gum"- Eucalyptus Globulus:
Eucalyptus Globulus, also known as Eucalyptus Blue Gum, has a woody, fresh, camphoraceous aroma. The essential oil has antiviral, antibacterial, and anti fungal properties and is known for its ability to clear respiratory congestion. It is helpful for colds, flu, and coughs. It improves circulation and relieves muscle and joint aches. It is useful to disinfect the air. Eucalyptus Blue Gum cools, refreshes, clears, and energizes the mind. Mix this with some cedar wood oil in jojoba or coconut oil and apply to sore muscles or use as a chest rub to help clear congestion. This blend can also be helpful for asthma and other respiratory issues.
Put a couple of drops in the bottom of your trash can when you change the bag and prevent unpleasant odors. You can also add a few drops to the filter or bag of your vacuum and add a fresh scent to the home while doing your regular vacuuming.
Aromatically, it has some interesting psychological benefits too. In particular, it relates to a person's willingness to be well. Many people may think that everyone desires to be well, but don't acknowledge the often underlying patterns that keep us perpetuating illness. It might be out of a lack of self-love, feelings of "selfishness", hypochondria, or even a lesson that many people learn that says illness is what gains you love and attention. Eucalyptus oil uses may then include helping a person regain their own health empowerment, self-approval and self-love, release patterns of neediness to those who can't or aren't willing to love or care for them, and even move past patterns that keep a person in a role of victim to people or circumstances.
So diffuse this one in the home to set yourself on the path to well-being both mentally and physically. Eucalyptus Blue Gum is truly an "essential" oil.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Higher Self Bookstore 

Metaphysical Fair

Saturday, June 4
10am to 6pm

Higher Self Bookstore
313 E. Front Street, Traverse City    
(231) 941-5805

$10 - 10 minute sessions***

* Tarot * Channeled Readings *
* Oracle Card Readings *Aura Photos *Reiki *
*Angel Readings * Numerology *
Spirit Totem/ Animal Retrieval * Reflexology *
* Past Life * Medium *Astronumerology
* Massage * Refreshments *

*** Some exceptions ***  

Metaphysical Fair Participants

Brian – Intuitive Channel, Medium, Personal Coach
Duncan – Practical, Tactical, Magickal
Jeff – Spirit Totem /Animal Retrieval
Jennifer - Intuitive Channeling, Medium,
Jack & Susan – A1 Aura Photos
Kafi – Tarot Readings, Reiki & Intuitive Energy Healing  
Kirk – Numerologist
Linda - Angel Card Reader, Psychic, Medium
Melissa – Chair Massage
Nancy – Intuitive Medium
Norma – Tarot Readings, Soul Coaching Oracle
Pat – Reflexology (“Foot Fix-Up”)
Ron – Astronumerology 

How to get the most from your reading:

“Have your question(s) ready!”

Experience Extraordinary Healing and Transformation with Peruvian Healer Hachumak. June 1-3, 2016
Experience the work of an authentic Peruvian healer. Hachumak is dedicated to helping individuals clear and heal emotional and spiritual pain. The core of his work is focused on deep healing on all levels of being: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. The private healing sessions include the laying on of hands to specific parts of the body. The client is asked to close their eyes and focus within, but no specific thoughts need to be held or no conscious effort is needed from the client. Hachumak makes a dialogue with the deep part of the person's consciousness, and bringing the healing forces with whom he keeps a connection, the force of life directs itself to what is needed by the patient. This can have a clearing effect of past pains and darkness and reconnects the client's inner self with the healing force of life. This is not just a release of old patterns but a true reconstruction of the inner world of the client in a more healthy way. Healings $250 for 1 ½ hours Call 231-941-5805 to schedule your appointment.

Friday, April 22, 2016

How exciting that mainstream media is catching on to what we've always known - living your best life means strengthening your mind, body, and soul connection!  In their "Spiritual Living" edition,  explores modalities that help us on this journey including Crystals, Essential Oils, Angels, Tarot, Meditation, Foods, Reiki, and more. No longer are these topics dismissed; people are awakening to the presence and importance of energy in their lives.“Contentment comes from connection. The first step in becoming connected is accepting the fact that the universe is filled with things we may never comprehend but fulfill us." says Newsweek. Spirituality is an effort to focus one’s life on following a path that feeds your soul and that path can take many twists and turns. Here at Ways To Wellness, we have spent the past 5 years assisting people with the knowledge, care, and fun that is a part of this awakening. "Ways To Wellness-Home of the Essential Oil Bar" is an example of the caring and knowledge we bring each and every day.  The staff’s knowledge in Essential Oils, Crystals, Reiki, Angels, Organic/Natural Products, Hypnotherapy, Shamanic Healing, Meditation, Food, and more is staggering when we pause to think of it.  It’s the joy of sharing this knowledge, and the positive impact it has on the people we touch that keeps us going each day.  Seeing our work being recognized in a more public, mainstream way lets us know that the light we (and many others) have kept burning is making a difference.